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"The magic of jams"
Представляем вашему вниманию новый, уникальный курс Нины Тарасовой "Магия конфитюра":

We present to your attention a new, unique course of Nina Tarasova "The magic of confiture":

The world of "Jam" is rich and diverse. These are jams, marmalades (marmalade is not in the concept of "sweets", but in a creamy representation with pieces of fruits and berries), confections and, of course, our favorite confitures. These are both more liquid consistencies, and thicker, smoother textures and with whole berries. But the most important thing in all this variety, of course, is their shelf life: we make all the preparations in the bright summer, the most vitamin season, and we enjoy the results throughout the year!

Unfortunately, most people think that jam is only sugar and for the most part we recognize the taste by the color or particles of fruits and berries in it. But in this course, I am ready to refute this established stereotype! I know and will teach you how to make confiture with the pure taste of your products, preserving as much as possible the taste, color, aroma and vitamins. This is exactly the case when we cook "according to the mind", and not "by eye" for two or three days. I have nothing against my grandmother's classic jam, but... technologies have stepped far forward and we can do everything more competently and with respect for every berry and piece of our fruit.

Now summer is in full swing and this is the perfect time to take the maximum from what nature gives us, preserving everything valuable in it. After all, we have at our disposal vegetable gardens, farms, markets, after all, which are generously filled with the best ripe, liquid berries and fruits. And in our course-everything starts with the gifts of nature. To this end, we will only increase our knowledge, technologies and tools.
You will learn:
A wide variety of jams types and confections, including a snack (ideal for pates, cheese plates, meat and wine)
You will understand the relationship between different recipes and their expiration date
You will understand the relationship between different recipes and their expiration date
You will learn the difference of pectins, their interaction with products, reactions and will no longer be confused in them
You will see how wonderful the jam is, in a combination of "berry-vegetable"
You will immediately, without wasting time, be able to apply the information and methods obtained and make excellent preparations for the winter
What recipes you will get on the course:
"Cherry and red wine"
"Melon, almonds, vanilla"
"Mango-passion fruit"
"Onion jam on white wine with apple"
Who is leading the course:
Nina Tarasova
Pastry chef-artist, ambassador of such global companies as:

  • a French company «Le Nouve au Chef» (uniform for chefs);
  • belgian chocolate "Cacao Barry";
  • professional kitchen utensils Bergner and Cook&Chef Institute;
  • фFrench puree RaviFruit
  • a Spanish company Sosa Ingredients
She is a graduate Ecole Nationale Superieure De La Patisserie(A graduate of a higher educational institution in France, the school of Alain Ducasse and Yves Thurier), a consultant in the field of confectionery, the author of confectionery columns in magazines and the book "On the road from caramel plates", "And we have cookies" and "Perfect Macarons".
It is suitable for absolutely any level of knowledge and training. The main thing is the desire to preserve the best in our product at the height of the season, in order to please your family, loved ones and your customers!
Access to the course immediately after payment
Who is this course suitable for:
4000 rubles (about 46 euro)
You will get:

✅ Video lessons on making jams/jams/jams in Russian language
✅ Recipes of all 10 types of jams in English language in PDF file available for download
✅ Access to the course (video-lessons + recipes) during 3 months
Chef's support and answering to the questions

✅ Access to your personal account with training materials
✅ The possibility of extending access to the video-lessons and recipes

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