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Sliced cake «Tonka»
25 mins
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The delicate taste of chocolate with the aroma of one of the brightest spices of modern times - Tonka beans. What's it? This is when in one chocolate dessert, in addition to the velvety notes of cocoa beans, you feel simultaneously the aromas of cinnamon, bitter almonds, nutmeg, vanilla and something else so light, elusive, that so perfectly completes the taste of such a bright dessert.
The proportions of the ingredients in the recipe are calculated for 50 sliced cakes sized 4x4cm or 1 frame 20x40 cm

Composition of the dessert:
  • Chocolate sponge cake "Brownie" with a mix of nuts and boiled condensed milk;
  • Chocolate mousse with "Tonka beans"
✓ Step-by-step recipe for "Tonka" sliced cake with photos in PDF file
✓ Video-lesson with the process of cooking a sliced cake "Tonka»

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